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Hands-on session to create a customizable developer workflow
Join this hands-on to learn more about the Developer Control Plane and how to customize a developer workflow to enable self-service for your team so they can run builds and deploys - from GitHub, Slack, or CLI.

In this session, we will show how to create a workflow from a basic template and customize it for different usage scenarios, such as building + deploying an app and creating or destroying an infrastructure.

✅ Understand the concepts of Commands, Pipelines, and Services and how does it apply to the Developer Control Plane;
✅ Create workflows from zero to hero
✅ Customize a workflow to deploy from GitHub, Slack, or CLI
✅ Using deployment data to calculate and measure delivery performance
✅ Other case scenarios: rollback of services and secrets + configs management
✅ Open source workflows to get started


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